Creative Communication

Seven steps of creative communication:

  • The Blank Workspace.┬áThis is most possibly the hardest and most ominous part of a project. If you're not already fired up about a project or your stuck on which route you should take, the blank workspace turns into a nerve racking place. This is true for illustrators, designers, photographers, interior designers, industrial designers or anyone that thinks creative. Many have said sketching helps free the mind and open up concepts...
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The Perils of Color Printing

Selecting a color has not always been something that was a few clicks away. Color used to be collected from pigments of the earth and then died into fabric. You had to collect the berries to make the purple-ish/reds or dirt to get a brown. Color, binds the creative realm together be it graphic design, photography, interior design, textile design, transportation design etc. Of course you can take pictures in black & white or make a logo black with greys but the colors are where we can experience emotion and that emotion ties us to the image, art, design or product...

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